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Friday, June 23, 2017

[Review] Total Whitening Box by Althea Korea

OMG guess what on my doorsteps?

It's Althea ''Total Whitening Box''! Contain of 7 products with only RM120!!❤❤❤

Okay this Althea Box contains of 4 skincare products as well as 3 make up products. So let's move on it, see what's inside this amazing box! ❤

1. Whitening Pearl Mask Pack

This mask contain brightening essence mask with Pearl Extract which can helps our skin to be less dull & brighten up to clear as well as radiant. Other than that, it is soft, elastic & 100% natural cotton sheet, which can deliver ingredients into our skin without any irritation!👍👍👍

2. Skin Texture Toner by CHICA-Y-CHICO

A very mild and gentle toner which help our skin to brighten up our dull skin with hydration & remove the dead cell.

It is known as First Treatment Toner as first step of our skincare routine. Other than that, it gives Whitening + Firming, which is Two in One effects onto our skin! Their main ingredients are Niacinamide & Adenocine which is mainly for skin whitening.

How to use?
  1. Just prepare yourself with a facial cotton
  2. Give 50 cents big of toner size
  3. Gently wipe by upward direction
  4. And you're done! Apply it every day and night

I will prefer to use cotton because CAN YOU SEE THIS?

Yes, normally after face wash, your skin won't be 100% clear. So use a facial cotton and rewipe it with your toner, you will see some leftover dirts. Not sticky at all & it really gives whole day moisture to my skin!

3. One Shot Ample_White Jade by Real Skin

Okay, next is this special design of Ample. Seriously the design really attracts me a lot, and most importantly it is very hygiene as every single use just compress it out, but once you press too much, you will never be put them back 😂

This Ample, it is concentrated with super brightening ingredient which is Glutathione!

How to use?
Just aim the troubling area, apply it every day & night.

Comment: It is not sticky at all, and easily can be absorbed by our skin. just by gentle massage. BTW for me I will just aim my mouth, nose, or any dull area, which I need to brighten them a lot! Yayyyyy, less concealer for me next time!

4. Wrinkle & Whitening Eye Cream by Milky Dress

Okay, my eyes are the most important of my body. Because once your eye wrinkles say HELLO to you, means your age no longer 20 😢😢😢 So I need to hide my age, and use a lot of eye cream!

This Wrinkle & Whitening Eye Cream gives 24/7 nourishing & moisturizing to soften the lines that surrounded our eyes. So that we can own younger & brighter eye contour.

How to use?
Just use our finger tips to tap adequate amount of eye cream, and give a gentle massage on our eye areas. Apply it for every day and night.

It gives really gentle texture and easily absorbed by the skin! Just give a gentle circulation massage, by upward motion. You will give a very warm feeling, which I feel very comfortable! Hope I'm every year 18 yrs old 😂😂😂


5. Pore Fit Skin Primer by SKINFOOD

OMG this is my very first time wearing pink primer! It helps to cover pores, concentrating pinky gold pearl primer!

It gives really smooth & fine texture which I never had before. It helps to fill up the pores, refine the dead skin cells. Most importantly it helps my make up last longer by removing sebum from the skin. It contain vita-complex which helps in skin renewal as well❤

How to use?
Just use your finger tips to apply all over your face ya! It is like a base before you put all ur make up.

Obviously my skin look fairer, smoother & shinier! Love the effect so much as in it helps me to control my oily skin *which I found no products can defeat it*

6. Air Fit Cushion Bboyan_Apricot by A'PIEU

Air cushion? Yes, air cushion actually replacing foundation, bb or cc cream nowadays. And I kinda love it because all function in one, so just get 1 and gaodim *means done in cantonese 😂*

This air cushion helps to maintain brightened skin whole day, gives natural skin tone to cover dull and uneven skin tone!

Main ingredients included Rice Bran Water which helps to our skin turn into soft skin, and Milk Protein Extract which helps to refining skin texture.

How to use?
Tap adequate amount onto the sponge, and make sure all the air cushion tap equally onto your face.

It really makes my skin fairer & radiant enough! Makes all my selfie look extremely nice. But you need to use it under really bright light, so that you won't miss out any spot on your face.

After hours, my skin still not oily & likey likey!

7. Saemmul Single (Highlighter) by The Seam

To make our face more contour, we need shades & highlighter. But for me, highlighter is more than enough. And it gives really shinny gold on my hand!

Shimmer gold highlighter complete my make up at last, by giving natural shinning light ❤ Other than that, it contains fine particles which allow natural coloring, sebum control, and perfect adhesive with seven jewel complex!

This is my very first time applying highlighter. surprisingly it gives my face look more 3D, and no longer having flat nose LOL.

Let's check this out, on which part our face should apply highlighter!

Do save them up because you will need it someday! ❤❤❤

I will recommend this box to who wants FACE BRIGHTENING! Even I have sensitive skin but surprisingly I'm totally fine with all these products! So you should check out yours as well ❤
Anything just feel free to drop a comment below ya 😁

More details:
Purchase - HERE

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

[Review] Natural & Luxury Skincare Products by Touch Miracle Starts

Hi everyone, how's your life going on? It's been weeks I didn't blog due to my new job. I had my attachment in Puchong for a month (everyday go & back for 4 hours seriously crazy) 😂😂😂

My skin condition also getting bad. But thanks to my savior - Touch Miracle Starts helps me to regain back my flawless skin. 

Left: Firming Activator Serum
Right: Hydro-Regenerating Moisturizer

Touch Miracle Starts products made from 
  • Natural ingredients 
    • Formulated with bioactive ingredient (Bird's Nest Sialic Asid, 10 types of Ecocertified plant based extracts)
  • 0 Irritation
    • 100% Natural Based; Alcohol Based, Fragrance, Colorant & Paranben FREE!
  • No animal tested
  • Good Manufacturing Practice Certified
  • Suitable for all types of skin
    • Included sensitive skin & acne prone skin
All these facts already sufficient for me to trust on their product. BTW to start using them, you can either use serum or moisturizer first after cleanser!

For me, let's start with the small one, Firming Activator Serum

Benefits to our skin:

  • Improve elasticity
  • Replenish level of skin moisture
  • Control sebum production

Suitable for:

  • Those ppl lack of skin firmness & elasticity
  • Suffers from loss of facial contours & plumpness
  • Suffers from aging type of dehydration
  • Has oily skin

How to use:

  • Disperse a few pumps onto our palm
  • Apply serum over your face by blotting
  • Using both fingers and palms to distribute the serum by patting gently to give better absorption

Seriously I can't stop recommending people this one! It is so refreshing & it controls my face oil secretion *most important one*. It also makes our skin texture become softer and refined. I feel my skin getting younger!

The texture is transparent  & watery. It got no smell & really give fast absorb effect! So don't waste any extracts from this products ❤

Next one, Hydro Regenerating Moisturizer!

Benefits for our skin:

  • Hydrate & retain moisture
  • Boost radiance & luminosity
  • Refine and refresh our skin

Suitable for:

  • Has dull and tired looking dehydrated skin
  • Seeking for a brighten skin complexion
  • Has rough skin texture

How to use:

  • Apply 2-3 pumps onto your hand
  • Gently formulate onto your face by blotting
  • Gently pat and massage to give better absorption

I like this one too as it makes my skin more radiance and greatly improved. It makes my skin feel so much softer as well. BTW you really need to pump adequate amount to make sure your skin have enough moisture 😁😁😁

Other than that, it also give overall a better look and appearance! Don't you think I look prettier now? LOL

Overall, I can feel my skin getting better as in smoother, less pimples, fairer, and most important is not so oily as previous! Now I can pakai make up easily & it won't smoke my eyeliner anymore 😏😏😏

Where to get this amazing products with promo price?
Anything don't hesitate to question me at the comment below! Enjoy shopping!

Lazada Promotion:

More details:

Monday, May 29, 2017

[Review] DVZ' 朵色 彩妆系列

哈咯!大家好久不见哦~ 最近我换了新的环境工作,而且公司要求我们必须上妆来工作。其实也是件好事,因为没化妆真的看起来没有神,还很老土呢!哈哈~

今天来介绍大家最近我在用的,也觉得不错的彩妆系列 - DVZ' 朵色!

好的,那么我慢慢开始介绍大家 DVZ' 朵色所拥有的彩妆系列哦!不过在这之前,我来介绍他们家的包装,个人认为非常精致,而且黑色包装非常高贵呢!😍😍😍

 DVZ' 朵色 双色润泽 BB 霜 | Double Color Moist BB Cream | Net Weight 40g

双色 BB 轻松可以的打造立体层的妆容。浅色可以用来打造立体和自然的粉嫩感觉,而深色的可以修饰脸型,达到修容的效果。那么,完美的肌肤就呈现啦!


那么你的脸部会更加3D哦!那废话不多说,到我试试看了哦~ ❤


个人心得:这个 CC Cream 也太厉害了,可以完全遮盖我的毛孔呢!也让我的肌肤颜色更加漂亮和有气色!而且不黏腻哦~ 超爱!

DVZ' 朵色 清透裸肌气垫 CC 霜 | Refreshing Baremattress CC Cream | Net Weight 15g

还有朵色品牌形象代言人 - 亚洲第一美女韩国艺人 - 李成敏的美女照片哦!

它不但可以完美遮瑕,也让妆更加清透轻薄,持久也持妆,含有保湿效果哦!让你的肌肤随时都 DOI DOI的~ ❤ 我们来看看里面长什么样子!

里面基本上跟其他的 CC Cream 都差不多一样哦~ 不过买这盒 CC Cream 里面还有附送一个 Refill Pack,超级用心哦!❤❤❤ 太值了呢~

个人心得:使用了过后,我的脸更加滑顺了,几乎跟美肌了一样哦!太不可思议了,只是你们一定要选择对的 CC Cream 颜色,尽量选择比较靠近你肤色的,那么抹涂起来才比较自然哟~

DVZ'朵色眉型微调膏 双头修容棒 | Eyebrow Trimmer Cream | Net Weight 7.5g


还有我觉得非常好描绘的刷子哦~ 那巧克力色也太漂亮了哦~



个人心得:我觉得这个 gel eyebrow 真的太棒了,颜色非常容易上色,眉笔也很好描绘和刷子可以让你的眉型更加漂亮哦!很推,而且真的很难掉色呢!

DVZ' 朵色 Color Fever 眼影盘 | Net Weight 16g



那天,风真的很大,所以我的头发一直在飘~ 😁😁😁 没有做作的意思呢!嘻嘻



DVZ' 朵色 持久液态眼线笔 | Lasting Liquid State Eyeliner | Net Weight 4g



DVZ' 朵色 四宫格修米粉 | Seamless Light Four Grids Soft Powder | Net Weight 5g




DVZ' 朵色 雾感口红 | Valvet Matte Lipstick | Net Weight 4g
DVZ' 朵色 炫彩唇釉 | Bright Lip Glaze Valvet 02 & 10, 6.5ml




DVZ' 朵色纤长卷翘睫毛膏 | False Zoom Lashes Waterproof | Net Weight 10g




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